Finding Mr. Wright

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I wanted to talk to girls and young women about romantic relationships.  I have noticed that there is so much misguided information out there concerning romantic relationships being applied by girls and young women, and I want to counteract it with what God says and thinks.

I will admit up front that I may be the least qualified woman in the world to tackle romantic relationships. After all, I am still single, and my personal relationship experience is limited.  I only have a burden to see girls and young women viewing themselves the way God views them and expecting what He expects for them. So I press forward with that burden.

It is my prayer in Jesus’ name that in exploring God’s Word about romantic relationships and sharing my experiences, girls and young women will be encouraged to wait on God for their romantic relationships. That they will place their hearts and desires in His hands and rest in His care and keeping of them. And that they will be empowered to expect nothing less than God’s best for themselves.


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