A Take on Psalm 23

I read in “In Touch” magazine the other day that Psalm 23 is “a personally relevant metaphor.” That struck me. If I had written Psalm 23, what metaphor might I have used? And that is what inspired the following.

The Lord is my storyteller, I shall not be unresolved.

He determines the plot, the characters and every direction I take.

He develops my character and my story, from glory to glory, for His glory.

Even when it seems like writer’s block, even when the narrative winds down, He is, and He is with me.

Through the twists and turns, ups and downs, the story remains rich.

Because of His commitment to see my story through, to complete it, I am cherished and on His heart forever.

Thank You, Lord.

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One thought on “A Take on Psalm 23

  1. Too cool, great idea sis!

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