Source of Worth

I struggled for YEARS with my worth. The reality is, on my own, I am not worthy. But I’m not on my own anymore! (Emmanuel – God WITH us!!!) I have accepted that Christ is my Savior from sin, and because of that I am justified (or right) before God (Romans 5:1). When God looks at me, He no longer sees the fallen or sinful nature, because at the moment of salvation that person died, and Christ came alive in me. Therefore, because Christ lives in me, and only because of Him, I am worthy. Of course, I still struggle, but I am not obligated to sin, because I have been redeemed (bought and paid for – every part) by Christ and His power is working within me.

It’s easy to get down on ourselves and our flaws, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t grow to be more and more like Christ every day, because we should and we will as we surrender to God’s will for us. BUT a sense of unworthiness will keep you from being and doing all that God wants you to do, which is exactly what our enemy wants. Of course if there is an ongoing sin issue in your life, get right with God – don’t hide out in shame. But if it’s a past sin or failure that you have gotten right with God, don’t continue beating yourself up about it. It is paid for by Christ so that you can experience the fullness of life God intends for you!

Soak it up and own it!


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