The Truth About Me

On a day like today, the lies just come pouring in. They come through people, but really there is only one who is responsible for the attacks: “He is a liar, and the father of lies” (John 8:44). I fight lies with the truth.

I am a naturally compassionate person, but I’m not gullible, a doormat, or easily manipulated.

I am a naturally discerning person, so I usually know what’s up without being expressly told.

I am naturally introverted, but I’m really good at building lasting relationships.

(I am also good at pretending to be outgoing when I “need” to, but I’m trying to get away from that, because it’s just not me).

I am naturally confident, but I have an enemy who tries to get me to second-guess myself.

I am flawed, but I have the grace to learn from my mistakes.

I am sensitive, but I am not overly emotional.

I am quiet, but most people like me, love me, accept me, and treat me with respect once they get to know me.

I am strong, but I am vulnerable with the people I love.

I am vulnerable, but I am not emotionally dependent on other people.

I am smart, but I still make mistakes.

And I am done.

I am done giving your version of me stage time.

Goodbye lies.

Hello truth.






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