It’s Been a Pinteresting Week

Sometimes I forget how creative I am.  And then a week like this week jogs my memory.

Kids’ Club Crafts. I recently volunteered to help with my local church’s neighborhood outreach. Someone who has known me for awhile suggested that I might be especially useful in the crafts department. This thought was especially daunting to me, I think because I haven’t worked with kids and crafts in AGES and I’ve forgotten about how much I enjoyed it way back when I did.  Anyway, I had no idea where to start, so I prayed and went to Pinterest. As I was looking through crafts for kids, I began to realize, Hey, I can do this! I actually pinned a TON of stuff, but as I was browsing, my creative wheels started turning.  Like, this craft would be good for everybody; here’s how I can make it easier for the younger kids and more challenging for the older kids; here’s something that would be good for the girls; here’s something that would be good for the boys; here’s what I will need; I can adapt it for our group in this way. Finding crafts is bringing out my artsy side, my resourceful side, my teaching side. Yeah!

Bridal Shower Decorations. Further back, I volunteered to help decorate for a dear friend’s bridal shower. I’ve actually never had this kind of responsibility before, and again, I had no idea where to start or what to look for. So, I just put it off. But Shower Day is quickly approaching and I’d been panicked about it because I hadn’t thought about it AT ALL.  Once again, I turned to prayer and Pinterest (and Party City) looking for some ideas. And once again, I was surprised that the task was nowhere near as difficult as I had made it in my mind. I pinned some Party City products to my own board and looked for beautiful ways to set up the decorations and sent the ideas to my decorating buddies.  There are still some details to finalize, but I’m feeling better. Plus, I feel like showers are probably something I’ll be helping with more and more as my friends get married and have babies. Planning decorations is bringing out my hostess side, my design side, my planning side. Yeah!

Hand-Crafted Greeting Cards. So my best friend turned 21 in February and I made her a card. On the front it had a flower made up of different pieces of scrapbook paper. I had been mulling over this idea for several months, and I finally decided to execute it. I was really pleased about how it turned out. Anyway, I started making them in bulk a few weeks after that, and I expanded into other subjects as well – umbrellas, aces, diamonds, hearts, clubs. I’ve even started working on concepts for owls. (Yes, owls. Just something I’ve been into lately). Anyway, I have a Facebook page for these cards (which I don’t really advertise) in case people would like to order some. With the time I’ve been spending on Pinterest this week, I decided to move them to a board there as well, because I’m not just one of those people who replicates other people’s ideas, I come up with my own. (Maybe I’ll do Etsy in a few months).  Putting my own ideas out there is bringing out my adventurous side and almost forcing me to be more intentional about creativity. Yeah!

All in all, it’s been a pinteresting week.

(And I seriously hope I don’t get sued for being punny and using the word “pinteresting”).



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