The Mission of Jesus

To preach good tidings to the poor.

To heal the brokenhearted.

To proclaim liberty to the captives.

To comfort and console all who mourn.

To give them beauty for ashes.

To give them the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.


So they may be called oaks of righteousness.

The planting of the LORD.

That He may be glorified.

~Taken from Isaiah 61

For anyone needing good news today, Jesus came to save you, because you can not save yourself.

For anyone needing healing today, Jesus came to make you whole, because there is a part of you only He can fill.

For anyone bound today, Jesus came to liberate you, because the world’s idea of freedom will only bind you longer.

For anyone sad today, Jesus came to comfort you, because we live in a fallen world.

For anyone whose world is crumbling today, Jesus came to reveal something far better, because we are created with hearts for beauty.

For anyone depressed today, Jesus came to take the focus and pressure off of you, because it really is all about Him.

Jesus came to make you alive and healthy and strong.

Jesus came to make it so we can draw attention to Him and lift Him up.

This has been my experience with Jesus.

What is yours?


2 thoughts on “The Mission of Jesus

  1. Hi, just wanted to say after reading a few of your writings…. I have to say I like how you write. 🙂
    And btw thanks for the follow.

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