Snack Crackers or a Meal: Thoughts on Waiting

Do I eat the snack crackers, which will fill my stomach and remove hunger, but otherwise have no nutritional value, OR do I eat a meal which takes preparation and time? Should I snack while I’m cooking or will that cause me to lose interest in the meal mid-prep?

I mean, I should probably eat something, before my blood sugar drops and I start doing crazy things, but the meal is so much more appealing. I’m afraid that if I eat the snack crackers, I will lose my hunger for the meal.

The nature of my decision-making lately.

If there is anything I’m (in)famous for, it’s settling for the good-enough and just-getting-by, instead of pursuing the great. This happens even when I know the great is out there. Why? Because good-enough and just-getting by are immediate and they are easy to settle into.

Great things in life (and I’m not talking about sports cars or mansions or anything like that, I mean living out God’s vision and call for you) require preparation. And because they need preparation, they also take time.

Great things in life require diligence and patience.



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