Martha, Martha

Sometimes I look in my purse and I hear a little voice in the back of my head say, Martha, Martha. I carry around about a dozen file folders and notebooks in my purse because I have quite a bit going on, and I want quick access what I need if I need it. Martha, Martha. Last Sunday, I got tired of carrying so much around so I relocated my Bible and journal to a smaller purse before I went to church, and I carried one necessary file folder outside of the purse. It was lovely. But I kept adding to it throughout the week, and by Thursday, the smaller purse was stuffed with the original files and notebooks. Martha, Martha.

My mind is like my purse these days. Lots of different things that (I think) need my immediate attention. But all I really need is to be present. Take with me what I need for the day, leave the rest behind.

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