Without Being Told

Sometimes, I know without being told, or at least, without being explicitly told. Often the telling comes as a whisper or a tug in my stomach. It comes as a dream, a vision, a sign, but it comes without being told by other people.

Some lessen it to mere intuition, others say it’s not real at all. A lot of times, even when I’m describing it, I’ll say, “I just know.” But that’s not fair, because I don’t just know. It’s a gift, this vision, this hearing, this understanding. It doesn’t come from within me, or because of me. It’s from Him, because of Him. And I lessen it, and allow you to lessen it, by saying it’s something else. In fact, sometimes we block it out all together, because it’s easiest not to deal with it at all.

It’s called prophecy. And I know, I just made all of the cessationists upset, but really, it’s not my job to change your mind, just to allow my mind to be changed by the Spirit of God.  I decided to embrace this complex gift in March, when presented with evidence that I’d been given it, instead of making it something it wasn’t, as I’d done for years. And it continues to be confirmed, again and again.

Am I always right? No, I’m a human being, so I’m still susceptible to human mistakes. Do you know anyone with the spiritual gift of mercy who practices it perfectly? Of course not! And yet, people put a apply a higher standard of perfection on the gift of prophecy.  All I can say for myself, as I learn to properly exercise this gift, is that I am still learning to surrender to and rely on the Holy Spirit, so mistakes will be made. But I’m not going to say I don’t have it or just leave it dormant, neglecting what God wants to do with me through it. That would be one of the biggest mistakes I could possibly make.

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