My Stupid Phone

Most of my friends have smart phones. I do not.  I used to wonder, “If there phones are smart, and my phone is not like theirs, what does that make my phone?” Stupid. It makes my phone stupid. Because stupid is the antonym of smart.

I don’t say this because I have negative feelings toward my phone; on the contrary, I love my stupid phone and wouldn’t trade it for all the smart phones in the world. (Well, maybe I will once my contract is up. Do I even have a contract? I don’t know, this is my parents’ plan).

Apparently, it is not okay to call a phone stupid, though.  It is mean and derogatory. The other day, my older sister used the word “simple” to describe phones like mine, which is I guess the more politically correct term to use when talking about cell phones.

I think this is ridiculous. I mean I can understand if you’re talking with someone about someone else (gossiping) and you don’t want to say outright that that someone else is not very smart (stupid), so you say something that deadens the bluntness of your point (lie). But why do we feel the need to do this with our phones? They don’t have feelings.


Just a note on another thing, that actually is irritating me.  I keep getting followed by money-maker bloggers.  Some of them will unfollow, then refollow, seemingly to get my attention.  I have to say, I am NOT BLOGGING TO MAKE MONEY, NOT BLOGGING TO BE READ. I am blogging because I need to write.  Eat that for breakfast.

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