God is Providing

God is Provider, and God is providing.  All the time, I am learning to wait on Him for my needs, not to mention my desires. (But this week it’s been about needs).  This week, God has pulled me back from the brink many times, assuring me of WHO HE IS in the face of the lies I’m tempted to believe.

Trust Me, Lydia, He says.

And I’ve got to be honest: I’ve failed in just trusting this week.  So. Many. Times.  I’ve had more meltdowns, more periods of being paralyzed by anxiety than I’ve had in many months combined.  It’s not a pretty picture.

And yet, God’s provision for me is not based on this failure! (Thank Him for that!) His provision is based on His grace, His mercy, His goodness.

Thank You, God!


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