You Are a Warrior Princess

An excerpt from The Field.

You are strong and capable of great victories.  You are not ruled by fear or lies; no, you conquer fear with courage, and lies with lies with truth.  You overcome darkness because you radiate light.  You are a fighter, not a quitter.  You persevere through struggle and grow more valorous because of it.

You have been adopted by the King and you are a royal daughter.  All the rights and responsibilities of that position are yours.  You are respected, loved, adored.  You have the resources of the Kingdom at your disposal.  You lead the people in what you do and how you behave.  Your beauty inspires greatness because you emanate the majesty of your position.

My Warrior Princess, a great war is coming, and you will be called upon to fight.  Your training begins now.

The things I need to be reminded of.

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2 thoughts on “You Are a Warrior Princess

  1. literarylydi says:

    Loved this! I feel empowered and ready to take life on! Bring it on Tuesday!

  2. literarylydi says:

    have put a link to this post in a comment on another blog

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