Like Giving Birth

Finishing a novel is like giving birth.  You may say, “How do you know?”  I don’t.  I really don’t.  I’ve never given birth, and don’t expect to any time in the near future.

It just seems like pregnancy and delivery would be an apt analogy for writing a novel.

Spending all of that time writing; developing characters and plots.  It gets uncomfortable at times, pushing through awkward scenes to get relevant information across.  The hard part comes at the end, when it’s almost done, and you just have to make it through that final stretch to finish.  After, that it’s all about polishing it up and presenting it to the world.

Finishing a novel might actually be harder than giving-

Never mind.

I wouldn’t use this analogy at all, because I feel unworthy, not having been through the giving birth business personally.  I’ve started using it though because I saw my older sister use it once in reference to a blog post, and she’s given birth four times, so she should know.  And if she can use it about blogging, surely I can use it about finishing my novel.

Maybe not though.

Point is, I’m up in that final stretch right now, pushing, pushing, pushing to the end.

I am almost there.

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