Why’d You Have to Go And Make Things So Complicated?

“But if you are always biting and devouring one another, watch out! Beware of destroying one another” (Galatians 5:15 NLT).

I am so sick of all the biting and devouring, of all the damage we inflict on one another.

I suppose we just don’t get it: we’re only hurting ourselves, weakening our own body and curbing our own effectiveness as partners in Christ.  I suppose we think it’s okay, defending individual egos, individual agendas, without realizing something much bigger is at stake.  I suppose we all think we know best and are looking out for ourselves or looking after the ones who have the most to offer us.  I suppose we forget we’re all part of each other, no matter how little we like each other.

What are we doing, screaming at each other?  Tearing each other down?  Not  speaking to each other?  Don’t we realize these things are counterproductive to spreading the gospel?  Why can’t we just get together around Christ? Why do we have so much extra stuff we need to agree on before we coexist and cooperate?

We really think it’s all about us as individuals. We think it’s about our agendas, our reputations, our feelings.  And we will fight to the skin of our teeth to make sure we are protected.  We’re sold out for ourselves.

It’s like we’re Corporate America or something.

And this is why I’m struggling: I don’t want to be a part of the biting, devouring, and destroying anymore. (For the record, I never wanted to be a part of that).  I just want to worship God, to worship simply, yet with everything I have. I just want to make friends with people and tell them about Jesus and how He loves them, and gave His life so they could have a relationship with Him.  I just want to be a part of a Christ-centered community where we all grow together, even if we have different opinions on stuff, even if we sometimes struggle.

I don’t think it should matter if I’m non-denominational or a Baptist and you’re a Pentecostal or a Methodist.  I don’t think it should matter if I take communion every Sunday morning or you take it once a month or during small group.  I don’t think it should matter if my worship service is traditional and yours is contemporary.  I don’t think it should matter if I start conversations with people so I can get to know them before sharing the gospel with them and if you just go up to them and ask, “Do you love Jesus?”  I don’t think it should matter if I was homeschooled and you were public schooled.  I don’t think it should matter if I’m “all natural” and you eat whatever you want.  I don’t think it should matter if I voted Libertarian and you voted Republican or (gasp, haha) Democrat.  I don’t think it should matter that I support a complementarian view of marriage and you support an egalitarian marriage.

No, it’s not that I don’t think it should matter.  It. Does. Not. Matter.  And there are countless other little, non-essential things we squabble over that do not matter.

A while back, someone made a really big deal to me out of something that was not a big deal.  For some reason, the issue at hand was of extreme importance to the person dealing with it; I would never have thought twice about it or thought anyone else would have either.  It just didn’t matter.  And it wasn’t that it didn’t matter to me, but the fact that it mattered to anybody … Ugh.  It’s just petty.  (By the way, I did explain the situation to the person).

These are the conversations, the situations I don’t want to be in anymore.  They just don’t matter.

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