Writing Is My Path, Redux

I’ve been told so many times in the past several months, believe it or not.  The good thing (for me) is that I don’t need you to believe that’s what I’m being told so much as I need to believe it.

Honestly, some days I do, and some days I don’t.

As I sit revising my first full-length book, I realize there are no shortcuts on this path.  It would be easy for the lazy person inside of me to go through, and having made sure everything is grammatically correct, send it out into the world.  The writer, the storyteller inside of me wants to completely restructure things to make them flow better.  Giving in to the latter takes more time, but it will make my work better.  And I realize this too is my path.

I think about how I used to be a voracious reader, how I challenged myself to read the greats.  About how during my college years, I developed a terrible habit of reading light, and how that turned into light writing because the writer I aspired to be changed.

I know this is not the path of ease, or success, or renown, but it is my path.  On one hand, I didn’t choose this path, on the other, I must choose it every day, because if I’m on any other path, something is always not quite right.

This is my first New Year’s Resolution for 2014.  I’m going to devote my year to writing.  It’s going to be my personal focus and ministry focus. In fact, I’m not taking on any personal or ministry (outside of person-to person ministry, that is) endeavors that don’t involve writing.

Writing is my path.

For the first time, I’m going to live like I believe that.


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2 thoughts on “Writing Is My Path, Redux

  1. […] hard to believe that writing is my path, something so good, so […]

  2. […] My resolution for 2014 was to live like I believed God called me to be a writer. While I did not fully accomplish any of my writing goals this year,  I did independently publish my first book, The Field (which I just can’t resist telling you is on sale now), and wrote 90,000 words in A Year with the Baptists (which will NOT be ready in February as I originally planned due to a complete plot overhaul). In addition to editing The Field and first-drafting A Year with the Baptists, I wrote three short stories: The Mysterious Case of Bella Lagerford (a psychological thriller-esque piece), Retail Therapy, and my personal favorite, Who You Are.   I learned that a writer at work tends to remain at work, and a writer at rest tends to remain at rest. I learned about being confident in my writing and in promoting it, not because I’m a mind-blowing writer (yet), but because I certainly have a gift, and I intend to be a grateful and faithful steward over what God has given me. […]

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