Sometimes I Just Have To Laugh

Seriously, though.

Ever have one of those days that would have knocked you down a few years ago, but today it just makes you laugh?

That was my day today.

Today, someone told me I was “boring and plain” then asked me why I never wear any makeup.  (I was wearing makeup, and have worn it every time this person has seen me, but that’s not really the point).  I kind of laughed it off with this girl, because if you think what she said to me was unkind, you should hear the things she says about herself.

Thing is, I know what she said isn’t true. (The stuff she says about herself isn’t true either, but there’s not really anything I can do about that).  I know I am a beautiful woman.  And it’s not that I know have inner beauty that comes out when you get to know me (although, yes, I have that too),  I know because I’ve been told by people (other than my parents), and I know it when I look in the mirror most days.

I think people kind of assume that when women speak badly about themselves they are fishing for compliments.  I disagree.  I think most women really believe what they’re saying about themselves.

Why is it that girls are so conditioned to think so negatively of themselves?  Do we really not know how beautiful the female form is, in and of itself?  Who are we really to belittle anything God created, even ourselves?

I don’t need someone to tell me I’m beautiful.  I know it.  I’m confident about it.  I see it in myself.  More than that, I know that my Creator made me this way.  On my worst days, I might think I’m frumpy, but I never call myself ugly.  Because I’m not.

That’s why I had to laugh today.  There might have been a time in my life where someone saying that to me would have knocked me completely over, because I didn’t know, I wasn’t confident, and I certainly didn’t see it.

I don’t know what to do about these girls and women who are so deeply dissatisfied with themselves, they want to spread their dissatisfaction to others.  I guess just be kinder to them than they are to themselves, and hope they can someday accept themselves.

Oh, well.

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