Serving the Lord

“Serve the Lord with all your heart.  And do not turn aside: for then you would go after empty things which cannot profit or deliver, for they are nothing” (1 Samuel 12:20b-21 NKJV).

This verse convicted me yesterday morning, because of how many times I am distracted by and pour my life into things that are worthless and unable to do anything for me or the situations I find myself in.

All because I’m not serving God with all of my heart.  I’m not giving Him all of me, all of my focus, all of my passion.  A lot of times I give Him a slice and call it good.

There have been times when doing what God was asking me to do did not seem beneficial.  There are things I’m doing now that don’t seem beneficial.  I have to do them, because God is asking me to do them.  It’s not really wholehearted, because there are many moments when I don’t believe it’s better.

Truth to be told, it scares me to give any one being my whole self, even God.  It scares me to believe Him for (humanly-speaking) impossible things this year.

And yet He whispers to me, “All of it, Lydia.  All of it.”

And so I will give it: I will give my worship with abandon,  I will give my trust for Him to provide things I cannot see or imagine, I will obey no matter what that obedience looks like.

And I will take it a step further:  I will believe that His way is the very best way.  I will turn my eyes on Him and let everything else fade into my peripheral.  And because I look to Him wholeheartedly, I will live a full, meaningful, beneficial life.

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