Taking the Whole Writing/Baby Thing to a New Level

I’ve been revising at a breakneck speed of 4,000 words a day.  I need to let my hair down a bit.

Just like babies require a lot of time and attention when they’re delivered, books require a lot of time and attention once they’re “finished” as well.  I take back everything I said about writing a first draft; revising is way more daunting.

Just like babies leave you at some point and go to stay with friends/relatives, or enroll in daycare or school, books eventually have to leave you as well.  You just have to hope their being with someone else doesn’t harm them in anyway, but really you know these interactions with others help them mature.

Then once they get through school, just as most babies-turned-adults-at-some-point-when-you-weren’t-looking go off to college, books eventually go off into the world as well.  You know you’re not able to protect them after that point: criticism is fair game (from absolutely anybody) in our day and age.

I know, I know, dear parents out there: my book is not a living, breathing being.  It’s not even close.  BUT I am tremendously attached to it, and dare I say it, proud of it!  I want it to do well, you know.

Okay, okay.  I’m done now.

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