Remind Me How Transient I Am

“Let me know how transient I am” (Psalm 39:4b NASB).

Transient. Tran·sient. /tranSHənt,-ZHənt,-zēənt/. Lasting only for a short time; impermanent.

It’s funny, I grew up with the verse I quoted above.  It was one of the many chapters my family memorized. It didn’t hit me in the face until Saturday, though, because I grew up with the King James Version (which uses the word “frail” in place of “transient”), and I didn’t hear this particular version until then.

It’s funny, my dad once told me concerning a season of life (this season of life, in fact; although he said it some nearly four years ago) that I was transient.  It made sense then and it makes sense now; it’s been coming up a lot lately in my thoughts concerning a possible relocation to Seattle.  Then Saturday and this version of this verse.

Of course, I have a sense that this life is transient.  It will not last.  I understand that.  I live that.

But I am transient in this life too.  I may do something for a season that I don’t in the following season.  I may move once, upwards of two times, or never again.  I may never be in one place or one season very long.

Transience is one of my only givens.

I have learned my transience.  I have learned not to settle, and have learned that what may be one day may not be the next.  I have learned about change and that I am a creature subject to change.  I have learned because God has let me know.

And He will continue letting me know, because I am, guys.

I am transient.

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