This Is Not a TV Show

Drama, drama.

As women, we can be addicted to drama, specifically the drama we see in TV shows.  We are so addicted, we begin to replicate it in our lives and think that is a good thing.

Ladies, we are not living a TV show, we live in reality, and what works for television, does not translate well to the real world.

This is not a confession, nor is it an endorsement, it’s just a fact:  every Monday I watch a show called Revenge on Hulu.  The premise of the show is a girl whose father was imprisoned and killed over a crime he did not commit.  Years later, she heads back to the family who framed her father to take her revenge.  One by one, she takes them down.  Her piece de resistance is marrying the oldest son and heir of this family and framing her mother-in-law for her own death.  The main character is calculating and merciless and every time she lets her guard down, her revenge plans seem to unravel.  She loses many friends in the process, and she doesn’t care, because revenge is the most important thing to her.

I like the show, I’m interested to see where the producers will take it and how it will end (will they be honest about the consequences of revenge or Hollywood it up?), but I don’t seek to reflect the main character or her actions in my life.  How ever well revenge works in a fiction narrative, it does not work that way in real life.  People don’t just line up for you to take them out, nor will they go quietly.  Also, being calculating and merciless and not letting people in (because you can’t … it would get in the way of your plan), is isolating, and isolation is unforgiving.

So I choose instead to be wise and compassionate and vulnerable.  That is my strength, that is what I have found people to be attracted to.  This world is calculating and merciless enough without adding me to that mix.  I try to be different, refreshing, apart from this secular definition of feminine strength. This is how we are ALL called to be as women in Christ!

Don’t seek to make yourself the main character in a TV drama. Ladies, these characters are powerful, but are not strong.  They are glamorous and physically beautiful, but not attractive.  They seem to have lots of friends and lovers, but they are not the kinds of people emotionally healthy individuals keep company with, not are they the kinds of people emotionally healthy people are. 


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