The Source of My Hope

Listening to the rhetoric of the State of the Union from President Obama and the Republican response last night, I realized a few things about myself.  I can’t take politicians or the American Dream seriously anymore.  I used to believe in these things (I think), I just don’t anymore.  I have no use for platforms or people who talk about doing things, I’m only interested in people who are actually doing things.  Often they are the people with no platform or pedestal.

And I realized that I can’t take politicians and the American Dream seriously because they are not the source of my hope.  Jesus is.  There is nothing Washington D.C. can do for me that He can’t do infinitely better.  It is His job – not Washington D.C.’s or even mine, in pursuing my own ambitions –  to provide for me in terms of my career, my finances, any relocation details.

I have hope because through Jesus, I’ve been reconciled in a right relationship with the God of the universe, and I am eternally secure in him.  This life on earth is blessed (no doubt about it), but together with its trials, it is nothing that can be compared to my eternal home.  So I’m not going to worry about what Washington D.C. is (or is not doing), I’m going to live to make a spiritual impact where God has me now, and wherever He may bring me in the future.


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