Reasons I Love Christians

It’s kind of popular for Christians to hate on other Christians.  It’s kind of popular for some Christians to be fed up with and disgusted by those other Christians, who are too stuffy, too judgmental, too hypocritical and aren’t loving enough, gracious enough, compassionate enough.  It’s popular to expect perfection from Christians, and we get angry at “those Christians” who are falling short and making “the rest of us” look bad.

Let me be honest and say, I am guilty of having been in both parties – hating on other Christians AND being one of “those Christians” everyone loves to hate.  It comes with the tension of having Christ living in me and still being human.  Sometimes I go to extremes, rather than walking in the balance God has called me to.

So today I wanted to give you SEVEN reasons why I love Christians:

  • Christians are not perfect.  Just like their human counterparts who do not identify with Christ, Christians mess up and make mistakes.  They sin.  It could be something the world views as normal, such as gossip, or something less-accepted, like adultery.  Sin gets in the way of our relationships with God and others.  The beauty of the gospel is that salvation is not based upon what we do or do not do: it is trusting that Jesus was God’s acceptable sacrifice for our sin.  We don’t have to be perfect, because He was.
  • Christians have a lock on accountability. Our society is plagued by the god of self; as in, we answer to no god but ourselves.  Christians understand we will be held accountable to God for our actions.  In the meantime, many of us seek the counsel and guidance of other Christians in the areas we’re struggling.  We answer to more than just ourselves. (I want to make a note on this: It is not my business or responsibility to hold other believers accountable unless they ask me to do so, it is my business and responsibility to make myself accountable to believers who are sharpening me in my walk with Christ).
  • Christians understand transparency and vulnerability. Our society doesn’t like the idea of vulnerability; after all, it literally means to leave yourself open … to whatever.  As people, we are expected to be impregnable.  And we certainly don’t hand anybody anything that could be used as ammunition against us.  And yet, Christians are bound by the fact that none of us has it all together, but because of Christ we can have restored relationships with God and each other.  That means we are free to love each other in spite of our faults, and be loved in spite of our faults. 
  • Christians are motivated by love.  Okay, so you don’t like the guy who shouts at you to repent every day on the street corner.  You don’t like the protesters outside of the abortion clinics.  You don’t like church discipline.  Here’s the bottom line: any Christian (by that I mean someone who trusts Jesus as Savior from sin and Lord of life) I know is motivated by love for the people they are trying to reach.  It may not seem like it (because why are they shouting?) but I promise you it’s true.  That guy downtown?  He wants to see you come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and be restored to a right relationship with God so you can enjoy Him forever.  Those protesters at the clinics?  They just don’t want to see you make a decision that will negatively impact you physically and emotionally.  Those elders who put you under discipline for moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend? They want you to understand the implications of violating God’s design.  I get that it comes off as abrasive sometimes, but these people don’t hate you, they’re not angry at you, they’re trying to help you. Why? God loves you, and they do too.
  • Christians agree to disagree among themselves.  There are a lot of people who love Jesus and have accepted Him as Savior and Lord because of His death and resurrection who have VERY different opinions on what the Bible means.  There are some things that unite all believers in Christ, but there are some minor things that are not as important that distinguish denominations and local bodies.  It is EXTREMELY rare for a local body to not interact with other bodies in their areas.  I know First Baptist McKinney joins up with other churches/denominations to serve McKinney frequently, even churches that they don’t line up with 100% on doctrine.  Churches get along peacefully with each other for the most part. 
  • Christians are unique.  We all have different personalities, ideas, gifts, and talents, but what is so amazing is that we bring all of the different things we have to offer into our local bodies and our local bodies to our communities and our communities to the world … and together, we make up this universal organism called the Church.  Totally a God thing, by the way, but it’s awesome how He works it out!
  • Christians are movers and shakers. We are trying to reach the world with the good news about Jesus, and it’s common to see us volunteering to serve people, starting organizations to better serve people, being active in government and influential in policy formation and change, starting movements in the church and obeying God’s call to go to different parts of the world and minister there.  We’re not trying to brainwash or indoctrinate, we’ve got good news, and we want our lives, not just our mouths to tell you about it!

So yeah.  Christians can be human and sin, but we’re not just sinners.  We are this crazy awesome bunch of people from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of talents that God has ordained to walk counter to cultural and societal norms that fall outside of His will and impact our world by telling it about Jesus.

I love Christians!!!


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