Numbers I’m Placing Before God

38,000.  My cost of living in Seattle, so what I’ll need to be making in any job I accept there.

3,300.  My cost of moving to Seattle – includes moving vehicle, hotel rooms, meals, and of course, gas.

969.  My cost of visiting Seattle for five days in order to get a feel for the city, conduct interviews.  This is completely tentative right now, as I need to get interviews and the money together FIRST, then plan a trip.  (Or more accurately, God is going to have to get me interviews and the money).  In my mind, the best time for such a trip to take place would be March 7-12 as it coincides with spring break at my job and my presence won’t be missed (much).  Of course, God’s plans are not my plans, so I’m just going to wait and see what happens with that.

These are big numbers for me, even the smallest one, but it is indeed my goal to trust God for the supernatural and know all things are possible for Him! I have been in the process of calculating these numbers, so I can pray specifically.  (Also, there is no way my dad will let me take “his” car to Seattle if I haven’t demonstrated I have thought through these things carefully). It will be exciting to see what GOD does, how He provides and moves things.

Pray with me!


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