Seattle Bucket List

I’m a homebody.  I’m not particularly adventurous, although I’ve become more adventurous in the past couple of years.  However, if I’m going to move to Seattle, where there is TONS of stuff to do, I can’t just sit around in my (way too expensive) apartment.  I have to go out and DO things. Also, I feel like if people come visit me, I should know what’s worthy of doing.   In order to facilitate this doing of stuff, I’ve compiled a Seattle bucket list.  So here it is, in no particular order.  Enjoy!  🙂

[ ] Go on a hike at Mt. Rainier National Park.


(Grove of the Patriarchs at Mt. Rainier National Park, Photo Credit: David Huting)

[ ]  Walk through Olympic Sculpture Park.


(Olympic Sculpture Park, Photo Credit: Seattle Art Museum)

[ ]  Visit the Seattle Art Museum


(Seattle Art Museum, Photo Credit:

[ ] Visit the Ballard Locks


(Wave Sculpture at Ballard Locks, Photo Credit: Pinterest)

[ ]  Visit Alki Beach.  (Apparently the best place to catch a sunset in Seattle, when a sunset is to be caught at all).


(Stormy Sunset, Alki Beach, Seattle, Photo Credit:

[ ] Visit Kerry Park.  (Look at that Seattle skyline!!!)


(Kerry Park, Photo Credit: Pinterest)

[ ] Visit Pioneer Square (Seattle’s Historical District)


(Pioneer Square, Photo Credit:

[ ] Visit the Seattle Public Library


(Seattle Public Library, Photo Credit: Google)

[ ]  Go to the Seattle Pike Place Market. (Also the home of the ORIGINAL Starbucks).


(Pike Place Market, Photo Credit: Pinterest)

[ ] Visit Bergen Place


(Art at Bergen Place, Photo Credit: Pinterest)

[ ]  Take a picture with the Troll Under the Bridge in Fremont. (I seriously think this is just about the coolest thing ever).


(Fremont’s Troll Under the Bridge, Photo Credit: Henry Roxas)

[ ] Find a favorite Coffee Shop.  (So many to choose from!)


(Photo Credit: Perfect Bucket List)

[ ] See this sign in Fremont.


(Cool Fremont sign, Photo Credit:

[ ] I feel like I HAVE to have this one, although I’m not AS interested in it … Visit the Seattle Space Needle.


(Seattle Space Needle, Photo Credit: Double Barreled Travel)

[ ] Go to the Ballard Sunday Market.


(Ballard Sunday Market, Photo Credit: Pinterest)

[ ] Visit Gas Works Park in Fremont.


(Gas Works Park, Photo Credit: Flickr)

[ ] Find a favorite bookstore. (Again, so many to choose from!)


So much to do in Seattle, I think this is a good starting point!!!

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