It’s Not Just Me

I learned something incredible yesterday.

For years (and by years, yes, I do mean basically my entire life), my dad has gotten on me about “giving up too easily” and “taking the easy way out/the path of least resistance.” I asked him about it one day (because I didn’t understand), and he told me he meant that if I am presented with two options, I will take the one I think is easiest.  My response was, “Who wouldn’t?” I came to realize (eventually) that choosing the easy option circumvents a lot of character growth. This realization led to a lot of (now deleted) blog posts.

That’s not the point, though.  Yesterday I learned at my college and career group that this “path of least resistance” thing is true of most of my generation. (The Millenials).  I totally want to sit down with my dad and be like, “See, it’s not just me. It’s a whole generation of people.”

No, I’m only kidding.  That conversation would not end well for me.

And the point is not really that it’s not just me, either.  I have a big, huge, fat problem with waiting.  Like, I believe God has called me to Seattle, so I focus on getting there, because I want to be there, even though I know deep down, God will get me there when He wants me there.  I end up focusing MOST of my time and energy on getting myself there, rather than being here, where I am. (Let that sink in).  All because I think I should be there now, I think it’s time.  And I mostly think it’s time because I hate feeling unsettled.

Being settled, having arrived.  Another thing that isn’t just me.

I’m reminded again, I’m transient (Psalm 39).

I’m at this place in life, only for a season, but for specific purpose.  Maybe soon, maybe not, this place and this season will be gone, and I’ll be in a new place, in a new season.  It’s not bad too have dreams, and I don’t ever want to lose sight of the fact that God may never have me one place or season for very long, but when what will be overshadows what is, then I have a problem.


All the while, I also have to remind myself: it is okay that I have not arrived.  Nobody has. (Not even the people who think they have).



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One thought on “It’s Not Just Me

  1. As You Log Out Of Last Year
    And Login To This New Year,
    I Wish To Send You Happy New Year Wishes Full Of Success, Prosperity, Happiness And Joy.
    May This Be A Year Of Change Unto Your Life May GOD Give You Protection And Good Health. Let Guardian Angel’s keeps your mind alert and bright. Hope the joyful Spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever!
    Happy New Year!

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