When Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet

“The satisfied soul loathes honey, but to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet” (Proverbs 27:7).

I really thought that I had tackled the big distraction at the beginning of this week, when I resisted making my own favorite meal.  Now, those stupid snack crackers are more appealing than ever.  (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this post first).

I’ve been going back and forth about these snack crackers all week.  All I can say is that by 3pm today, I had myself completely convinced that those snack crackers would be just as satisfying and nutritious as my favorite meal.

After all, “to the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet.”  That right there comes from the wisest man on earth.  So if I were to end up eating the snack crackers and believing they are good for me, it’s really God’s fault for making me wait so long.

Does He really expect me to pass up opportunity after opportunity (good and not-so-good) in order to follow Him to an unknown future where similar opportunities may not even exist?

Actually, I think He does.

Still, these snack crackers are not about to be resisted without a fight.  That stinks a little for me, because I’m fighting pretty hard as it is just waiting on God for that nourishment and satisfaction, without watching good-enough things pass by.


This season.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, Let me walk upon the waters, Wherever You would call me.  Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, And my faith will be made stronger, In the presence of my Savior.”

“Til You are my One Desire , Til You are my One True Love, Til You are my Breath, my Everything, Lord please keep making me.”


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