We Are Not Friends

That is the reason.

People keep asking me why I won’t do it, and I can’t tell them, because it sounds unkind.  It feels unkind.

But it’s the truth.

We are not friends.

Perhaps it seems so unkind because you will not say it too, even though I know that you know it is true.

We are not friends.

Maybe I think saying it will cause people to lay blame at my feet – that I am the reason we are not friends.

We are not only not friends, but no longer friends.  We used to be friends, which I honestly think is what confuses people and why they insist upon asking and putting pressure on me.  (I don’t know why they don’t ask you, but that’s probably another question for another day).  We are not friends anymore.

We are not enemies.  At least, you are not my enemy.  I don’t have any hard feelings toward you, and I hope you make it.

But we are not friends.

And that is what I want to tell people whenever they ask, “Why not?”  I haven’t yet, though.  Instead, I’ve pulled a dozen and a half excuses out of my hat, because again, I don’t want to be blamed for this whole not-friends thing.  But the excuses are only making me look like a bad friend, and I’m not; in fact, I make it a point to be there for my friends. Fact is, we’re just not friends at all, and that is why not.

Would it be totally cliche to post Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” right now?  Yes.  Totally.  So I won’t.










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One thought on “We Are Not Friends

  1. BlondeRJ says:

    We’ve all been there.

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