The characters who speak to me are my favorites, you know. They enter the story and their voices are already developed. They just flow.

Delilah was like that in The Field. Clementine, too. And when you got the two of them in the same room together…

People assume it was Lilly, because she’s the most like me, but she was actually really difficult to write. I kept wanting to wrap up her rawness in the benefit of my experience, so I ended up getting stuck pretty often.

But Delilah and Clementine just moved on their own.

Man, I’m sorry to be shelving these characters. All of them. Easy to write or not. Even if I don’t express it often, this is painful, painful, painful.

But new characters are coming – ones who are fully formed and ones for whom I will have to labor.

And I won’t put them in the position of having to be shelved.


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