Planted, Not Buried

I have been hurting in ways and for reasons I haven’t been able to express, and can’t begin to express even now. That’s okay … our Heavenly Father knows it all. I mean, He KNOWS, you know?

It’s been dark and disorienting, but I was recently reminded: when everything is dark, you’re not being buried, you’re being planted. And we all know that when a seed is planted, it breaks down, or dies, before it grows up into the light, and long before it bears fruit. How long everything takes depends on what is being planted. Spiritually, only God can say what form everything will take, but since I’ve prayed to be a redwood – figuratively-speaking, of course – in the past, I suspect to be grown into something tall, strong, and resilient with an extensive root network/community, and I suspect I will spend the rest of my life growing into that.

I feel like I am good and deep in the soil now, and that a lot has fallen away, and now, life is starting to manifest. It’s still dark, but I feel alive, you know?


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