Tough Love

Listen up.

You’re not ready to hold a heart at all, let alone mine.

I am a “one and only” kind of woman, and you’re an “as much as you can get” kind of guy. And as long as you’re out there, trying to fill yourself (or numb yourself) with any number of women, you do not have what it takes to be with me. In fact, if you’re out there trying to fill or numb yourself with any number of things, you’re not ready for a woman like me.

Because you’re out there looking for something, anything to make it all better, and you’re looking in all of the wrong places. And don’t look at me, because I don’t exist to make you better. I’m not here to inspire you to change. You are responsible for your own journey – to decide whether the way you’re doing things is enough for you, and, if it’s not, to make changes until you look at you and you’re happy.

It’s on you, because there is already a man out there ready to make me his one and only. He already knows no woman (not even me), no amount of money, no amount of success, no amount of material possessions can fill him, and he’s brave enough to go through difficult things without having to numb himself. Already.

So whether you change to be a “one and only” kind of man is of no consequence to me. But since you are attracted to me, since you want to be around me and get to know me better, and since you seem to think I should spend my time and energy and heart on you, I just want to be clear: you’re not ready for my time, energy, and heart. Where you are right now, you literally can’t handle it.

And if you ever hope to have the time, energy, and heart of a woman like me in the future, boy, you’re going to have to change.

Tough love,



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