Independent Social Media Brand Consulting

Do you have a book on the market and no idea how to brand yourself or promote your book on social media? Today is your lucky day, because I am here to help.

I am here to get to know you and your book – with me, you will learn your audience and how to connect with it. I am here to provide you with a niche market analysis – with me, you will learn about other authors who write similar content, and what they’re doing to be successful. I am here to analyze and make your current social media platform more robust* – with me, you will learn strategies specific to your message and your book’s message to connect with and engage an online audience. I would also love to help you develop a media kit (complete with author bio, book synopsis, and pitch to solicit reviewers), strategies to find reviewers, build confidence in you, and connect with other industry professionals (editors, proofreaders, formatters, and designers).

So why choose me over thousands of other brand consultants? As an author myself, I’m right there in the trenches with you. I know how hard it is to balance writing and life even before you add the pressures of trying to figure out who you are in this saturated marketplace and then being that person. I know that just because a strategy works for every other author on the planet (and believe me, I’ve encountered no such strategy) does not mean it will work for you, because formulas are rigid, but as an individual, you are fluid. I know that unless you land a great publisher the costs for getting your book into shape and out on the market are ginormous, and that you really can’t afford to pay what someone like me should be making, so … I’m going to let you name your price. That’s right: you choose what services you need from me and you decide what you’re going to pay for them and when.

I am currently booking inspirational fiction and non-fiction authors through the end of October. I expect my schedule to fill quickly, so please email me at and tell me about yourself and your book. You will hear from me within 48 hours about whether or not I can take you on and how to proceed from there. I look forward to working with you!

*If you are not an author, but would like me to look at your business’ social media presence and breathe some life into it, I’d love to help you, too! I also do bios, resumes, and cover letters.

(Please feel free to share.)

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