That moment when you realize,

“Hold up, this is my drawer, and I decide what goes in it,”

“This is my plate, and I decide what gets put on it,”

And you empty out all of the junk,

And scrape away all of the crap,

And you’re left with nothing.

And that’s frightening.

Because – nothing.

Because – more junk, more crap will come along, wanting to fill you.

And you have to say, “No. That’s not good enough for me.”

And nothing may be all you have for a really long time.

But you will have room when something comes along,




That is worthy of you

That will hustle and match you, effort for effort

That will feed you, not just satisfy a craving.

You have to leave that room.

Stay empty.

Live in the nothing.

Live fully in the nothing.

Be royalty.

Work your ass off.

Feed yourself.

Others will follow.


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