You’re on your own, kid.

Maybe it’s terra incognita. Maybe I’m being called to trailblaze a path for which most people don’t even see a need, and by the time they do see it, the path will be there, and they’ll just take it for granted, like it always was there. And maybe I’m being called, not because I’m particularly courageous and tenacious and graceful, but because I’m the only one willing to go there right now, and maybe – just maybe – it has to be right now.

Maybe I am on my own, humanly-speaking. Maybe it’s just going to be God and I, hacking it out together, like we have with countless other situations. Maybe that’s how it has to be, because maybe – just maybe – God needs this path to be a certain way.

Maybe it won’t be so bad.

But, just once, I would like to go where all of humanity has gone before.


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