“Do you want to get slapped in the face or slugged in the gut?”

Are you serious?! I don’t want either! Of course, I don’t want either.

“If you don’t let me slap you in the face, the other will slug you in the gut.”

Seriously? You call that a choice?

“If you don’t let me slug you in the gut, the other will slap you in the face. Don’t you hate things flying in your face?”

Of course, I do! I also hate getting slugged in the gut.

“Well, one or the other are inevitably going to happen, so you may as well choose the less painful option.”

In my book, they’re both equally painful. Equally undesirable. Equally reprehensible. I do not have to choose between them. It’s not even a choice for me. One of them is coming, regardless.

And while I don’t desire or choose either to have my face slapped or my gut slugged, even while I know one or the other is coming, I’m not afraid, okay? I can’t be scared into making the appearance of a choice, and then be told, “This is what you chose.”

I will stand tall against every evil, not just the greater of two evils, and I will not contribute to any evil from a place of fear. I will choose love and authenticity and integrity and freedom, even when people tell me that’s not a viable choice because it’s not the most visible choice – because it’s not easy. To me, it’s the only real choice.

Bring it on.


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