I had an intense night last night.

I came to at about one in the morning, though from what, I’m not really sure. I had just rolled over onto my back in bed, my room the normal amount of light from the floods outside my apartment. It was quiet, except for the ceiling fan thumping around and a plastic trash bag rustling from my bedroom door handle.

Nothing out of the ordinary, except … this wasn’t how things were just moments ago.

It started out with a nightmare – being chased down the halls of my subconscious by some demon. Then, I was sitting in a therapist’s office with my parents and the therapist was telling me that this demon was me and that I needed to look in the mirror and own it. I knew the demon wasn’t me, but I looked in the mirror on the therapist’s wall anyhow, and there was the demon. It rushed out at me and into me and started speaking for me. I knew it was a nightmare, knew no such thing could happen in real life. I willed myself to open my eyes.

My bedroom was dark, and in my periphery, above me, smoke-like wraiths were circling and swooping in at me, but unlike my dream, they couldn’t get in me, or touch me at all. I knew they were demons, and I started rebuking them and telling them to leave in Jesus’ name. I thought I was yelling, but I couldn’t hear myself, thought I was raising my hands in prayer, but then I couldn’t move. They wouldn’t leave. I was terrified. Eventually, it was all I could do to just call out Jesus’ name.

I rolled over onto my back, and suddenly, everything was back to normal. They were gone. I felt free, weightless, rested.

Well done.

Those two words and I knew: what had just happened had been real. Whether it occurred in the physical realm or on a spiritual plane, I really can’t say – but I can tell you that I was involved in intense spiritual warfare shortly before one this morning, and I was on the side that won.

The plastic trash bag on my door handle rustled, and a shiver ran through me. This time I call out for Jesus and I can hear myself.

I fell asleep after I prayed for God’s protection over my loved ones and I and after once again rebuking the enemy in our lives.

All I can say is this, when prayer starts turning the tide, the enemy gets scared. Right now, I am praying certain things because I know beyond the shadow of any doubt, God wants to do them. God has worked in me “to will and to do His good pleasure.” I am praying these in spite of personal failure, fear, and pain. And because I refuse to surrender, I have a target on my back. But you know what? I’m on the winning side: “You are of God, little children. Greater is the One who is in you, than he who is in the world.”


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