When God Asks You to Return What He Gave You to Hold

About two months ago, God gave me something to hold. He had been on me to take it up and hold it close for at least two months before that, but I am a little stubborn sometimes, and my mind gets in the way of my heart. When I finally agreed to hold it, I had no idea God was going to ask me to give it back. Okay, maybe I had a niggling suspicion on occasion, but I certainly hoped He wouldn’t ask that of me – to give back what I’d held so close. Again.

One of the most exciting things I can think of happened yesterday, and last night, God asked. This wasn’t a give-this-to-me-or-I’ll-pry-it-from-you kind of asking. It was gentle, a choice – a choice to continue holding what I’ve been given or to release it, so that the right things find both of us.

And that is where God will get me every. single. time. This is not quite right for either one of us. In the past, I might have said there is better for both of us, but God knows I hate the implication that either one of us is somehow deficient. We’re not.

And so, even though I’ve been telling God for years that I would never make a choice like this again, last night, I did.

It was a great honor – I think the greatest honor I’ve carried so far in my life – to hold what I did these past two months. But I had to give it back. For both of us. So we have room for the right things – the absolute best things – in our lives.

Much love ❤



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