The Sign of the Shower Curtain and My Honey-Do List

Last Monday night, after everything had been sorted out with my car battery, I heard a crash in my apartment, and I thought, “What now?” I hurried into my closet, half-expecting one of the bars to have snapped and all of my clothes to be in a crumpled heap on the floor, but everything was fine in there. I went to my second closet and everything was fine in there. I went into the kitchen and opened up my cupboards, pantry, and refrigerator. Everything was fine in there.  Everything seemed to be fine everywhere. Then, I went into my bathroom, and the shower curtain and rod had fallen.

Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you might recall that it took forty-five minutes for me to hang this shower curtain rod when I moved into this apartment over a year ago. Not the shower curtain, mind you; the shower curtain rod. (If you haven’t been following me that long, or don’t recall, you can read the story here.)

Last Monday night, as I made several attempts to wrestle it back into place, I couldn’t for the life of me remember how I’d gotten it up in the first place. (For the record, this is not a complex shower curtain rod. It’s one of those el cheapo tension rods from Wal-Mart. El cheapo might have been part of the problem.) You know what I ended up doing? Dropping the whole kit and caboodle into the bathtub and resolving to get a new rod, a better rod, a rod that came with instructions and pictures the next day. From Target. (Not because I now have an issue with Wal-Mart shower curtain rods or anything; I just happened to have a Target coupon. And maybe there was a smidgen of resentment towards Wal-Mart when that decision was made.) And once I obtained it, it was so much easier to install than that other one, for the record. Possibly because I kept and followed the instructions. Possibly because it’s a far superior shower curtain rod. Who’s really to say?

And as I was stringing up the curtain and liner on the new rod, I was thinking about how much I enjoy being single and having my own space and structure, but how I wouldn’t mind having a man around for this sort of thing. You know, hanging shower curtains, jumping car batteries, getting deals on car batteries, carrying in groceries, dusting, building me shelves and other storage solutions, and sometimes cooking. I wouldn’t mind having a man with me when I go walking and hiking and adventuring, especially here in Oklahoma, where we have rattlesnakes. Of course, I do most of these things on my own, and God has always sent someone for those things I can’t do on my own, and so it’s not strictly necessary. But it would be nice.

And I’m not just looking for a butler. It would be nice to have a hand to hold, to be held when inevitable loss and defeat come. It would be nice to have a man with whom to laugh and dance when celebration comes. It would be nice to have a man with whom to pray and think and talk about it all. It would be nice to have a man with whom to grow old and closer to the Heavenly Father.

Not necessary. Everything I need, God provides, one way or another. He’s good like that.

Not even missing. My relationship with God has grown in these “shower curtain rod” moments over the past year. I’ve learned His voice, His heart so much better.

It would just be another grace. Another something added. Like I said … nice.



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