Things Happening Saturday

Two things are happening on Saturday: one, I am starting a new job, and the other, my five-year-old niece is having a celebration of being cancer-free after a battle with retinoblastoma (in which she lost an eye) and chemo.

Both are answers to prayer.

One, a response to an intense and (relatively) short season of prayer, and the other, a response to prayers over many years.

All I can say is that God hears every sigh and collects every tear, and that has been the most precious thing to me in these seasons of prayer. Because answers to life-changing requests take time, and the hope in a moment of loss and waiting and uncertainty is not looking at what might eventually be, but when God is there in it with you – in the sighing, in the groaning, in the melting down – listening and holding your hand and grieving it with you. And in those moments, God recalibrates your hope, your prayers, your faith. And you what you end up with may or may not be what you desire and when and how, but you will be more keenly aware of God in your life, and that, for me, has been the ultimate thing.

But it is life-giving to see the things you pray for realized, and the things you pray against defeated, so this week, I am celebrating.

Celebrate with me!


2 thoughts on “Things Happening Saturday

  1. Good blog post Lydia!

  2. vallezc3 says:

    Hello Lydia

    I will celebrate and shout with you. For prayers answered and for your courage.

    You have been to a place that seldom sees daylight and it is in there that He builds His faithful. A part of your post left out of the page and said hello to me, it was like a solute from a soldier that made it through a battle they had both lived.

    ‘ And in those moments, God recalibrates your hope, your prayers, your faith. ‘

    An unspoken respect, an acknowledgement of the pain you endured to get where you now stand – but this only a survivor would understand. This is what church is about and why we come together. Not through the law of duty but through honour, love and respect for your brother and sister that faced themselves and put it at His feet.

    It is true what you say, we become so sensitive and aware of His presence and that makes it all worth it. Very few dare to go there or finish what was started.

    I don’t know you but where you have been is saying that I do. I am excited for you and look forward to seeing where He takes you.

    Enjoy your new job and have an awesome day


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