Last Day Reflections

Last day at Bob Moore Subaru.

Where I learned the phrase, “Love ya like a head cold,” and now find myself repeating it and getting strange looks from people.

Where I have been more than a job description; I’ve been a person.

Where I learned to be more generous, simply by working with such radically generous people.

Where I grew in customer service and teamwork – the most important aspects of any job.

Where I expanded my virtually nonexistent knowledge of what goes into car sales and service, because people were willing to explain it to me.

And while I’m going to miss my people here, it’s time to learn and parrot new cheesy phrases, grow in a new role while maintaining and building on a solid service-oriented foundation, and learn even more about car sales, knowing that everything I’ve learned in this job has given me confidence about moving forward.


Your Resident Walking, Talking Dictionary and Writer’s Manual,

Sometimes Cook, Sometimes Baker, Sometimes Bringer of Pre-Made Food and the Good Candy,

Mostly Ray of Sunshine, but Occasionally Sarcastic and Irritable,

Always Willing to Help When Asked,



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