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#FindingGodChallenge Week Four: God Is My Life-Giver

Here is this week’s Bible verse, song, and (16-minute!!!) testimony for God as my Life-Giver this week. Next week? God is Love.

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#FindingGodChallenge Week Three: God Is My Healer

So I shot this two weeks ago, and forgot to post it here.


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#FindingGodChallenge: Week Two

#FindingGodChallenge Week Two. In which I share my verse (Matthew 28:20b), my song (Barlow Girl’s Never Alone), and how I wanted a breakout moment this week with God and didn’t get one. (Which is totally okay, because God is still with me.) What are YOUR responses?


The second challenge has also been issued: God Is My Healer. You know the drill – Bible verse, song, and moment with God from life.

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#FindingGodChallenge: Introduction

The first #FindingGodChallenge has been issued: find a Bible verse, a song, and a moment with God from your life that show God is with you and meet back here next week to discuss!

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